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On continuing to edge toward my next rank plateau

ImageLast night was a pretty full class – three basics students, three beginner students, one intermediate student, and two advanced students/assistant instructors.  We focused on dequerdas/serrada for the first part of class, then siniwallis for the rest of it.

These days, I’m focusing a lot on aspects of the art that have been a problem for me for quite a while, and keep me from progressing.  They appear to me to be intertwined.

First, I don’t own my space all that well.  My blocks are often just barely enough to keep my partner from hitting me, and I tend to lean back from the strikes.  I gave a lot of head space last night to recognizing this and doing the right thing instead – meeting strikes like I’m a wall (not a puddle of water or an angry bull) and knowing what to do once the block has worked.

Second, when I do try to be aggressive, rather than being a calm, strong aggressor, I lean my head in like I’m asking for the queen’s blessing.  This usually leads instead to a stick to the head.  So again, head space last night was dedicated to remaining upright and relaxed.  I find that they go together, so hopefully, focusing on the symptom will help relieve the tension its caused by.

Man, I love combat siniwallis.  I bet if I can get good at that and reduce my discomfort at the range required of KDM, I will kick serious ass in empty hands techniques.


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