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Two sticks and one BIG stick

Last night was a great class, as usual.  Nick and Maxwell are becoming really fantastic teachers.  We also had a student from a while ago show up, having just signed up for the Cove again – Rio.  I’m hoping we see more of him.

As usual, we split the class into two disciplines – siniwallis and largo.  The main thing I took away from the siniwallis section was a bit of a mental breakthrough in footwork.  Certain techniques really don’t work if you don’t have the right foot forward to begin with, and others require you to step forward with the block.  There was also a lot of focus on aggression and flow.  It’s getting easier day by day.  Beginner students worked on six count accuracy and speed.

For the largo portion of the class, we did swamp drill for a while (yes, my thighs hurt), then worked on a 3-for-3 drill.  The defender had a pattern to follow – first an evasion or largo counter, then a deflection, and finally a two-handed technique at quarto range.  That last bit takes some getting used to, since the way you use the stick is significantly different than the usual largo style.  Lots of fun was had pretending to eviscerate our partners.  Beginner students worked formal counters, and against and with counters.

I believe tomorrow is our last day with one of these disciplines.  Tuesday we’ll drop one and add KDM!


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