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Developing flow

A large portion of the effectiveness and speed of eskrima is flow – that elusive concept that allows eskrimadors to hit repeatedly, quickly, and with brutal results.

I got a lot of practice on flow last night, in both siniwallis and directed sparring.  Siniwallis requires flow to work properly – you need to keep both sticks moving, keeping your eyes open for incoming hits and openings, speeding up or slowing down as required to get the intended effect.  I love working with Eric for this reason (and that’s saying a lot, considering I used to get hit by him all the time and was nervous about working with him), because his flow is really gorgeous, and it brings out a similar flow in me.  The more I work that, the more I’ll be able to get that same flow with others.

Directed sparring was both similar and different.  Similar in that flow is still of course required, and the deflection/counter exercise can easily be looked at as a mild uptick in tempo, to devastating effect.  Different in that the flow with one stick feels much more choppy.  I don’t think this necessarily means the technique is more choppy – I think this means I need to smooth out my own expression of that technique.  Good practice and good mental exercise.


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