Hitting People with Sticks
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About Me

I have many interests, but martial arts are the focus of this blog.  I’ve been taking eskrima under Chris McWethy since August of 2008 and intend to keep practicing until someone forces me to stop.  (Reminder:  I have sticks and know how to use them.)

I’ve also recently (January 2010) taken up aikido, and I’m finding it a great compliment to eskrima.  I can’t even explain how awesome it is to toss around a guy twice my size like he’s made of balsa wood.

To summarize my other interests:  I write novels and short stories.  I geek out about science.  I like to wear girly make-up at times.  I love vintage clothing.  I wish desperately for a pair of jack boots.

And that’s just a summary.


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