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Developing flow

September 7, 2012

A large portion of the effectiveness and speed of eskrima is flow – that elusive concept that allows eskrimadors to hit repeatedly, quickly, and with brutal results. I got a lot of practice on flow last night, in both siniwallis and directed sparring.  Siniwallis requires flow to work properly – you need to keep both […]

Two sticks and one BIG stick

September 5, 2012

Last night was a great class, as usual.  Nick and Maxwell are becoming really fantastic teachers.  We also had a student from a while ago show up, having just signed up for the Cove again – Rio.  I’m hoping we see more of him. As usual, we split the class into two disciplines – siniwallis […]

Two sticks and sparring

July 27, 2012

Siniwallis is always challenging.  You’ve got two weapons of equal length, so you need to be as ambidextrous as possible.  You have to keep track of your partner’s two sticks, and keep your own from getting tangled. The biggest issue, at least for me, is flow.  I have so many things to keep track of […]

KDM basics – don’t try so hard!

June 13, 2012

I got to work with one of the new folks last night, and it fascinates me how, as newbies, we all try so incredibly hard, slapping hands away, dodging and panicking, and of course holding our breath as though we’re underwater. So much of eskrima is flow and efficiency.  A parry isn’t a big motion, […]

Video games have given me an insight

April 28, 2012

While mashing buttons and killing pixels are all well and good, they aren’t the type I like to play. I like puzzle games. Yes, I love Bejeweled, and I won’t feel shame.  I play mah-jhong solitaire and often see the tiles on my eyelids as I’m trying to fall asleep. This particular insight (and yes, […]

Nailing down form – eskrima

April 27, 2012

Last night’s class was a lot of brain work. Serrada is a very formal version of FMA, and as such, it has very specific rules and goals.  A bit like a very angry, precise dance. Except, of course, for the angry part. The more amped up I get while doing serrada, the more problems I […]

Locks, escapes and flow – eskrima

December 8, 2010

Last night’s class was fantastic – a big upper after feeling stupid about getting yet another black eye last week. We’ve moved to KDM (kadena de mano or “chained hands”).  The link is to a YouTube video of Inayan practitioners demoing the basic techniques.  Last night was some basic joint locks, and the first few […]

Control at the base

September 23, 2010

I know that sounds a bit like a line from a video game, but hang in with me for a bit. We worked on siniwallis one-for-one on Tuesday, and as usual, I feel like I’m both working on problems I found before, but also finding new ones.  At least I can fix them once they’re […]

The dichotomy of loose focus

September 15, 2010

Much of last night’s class was taken up with discussions and demonstrations of our experiences at the Katipunan.  I’m personally really excited to see the video of the classes – Esten has already posted some video on the FTP site, but as usual, I’m impatient and want it all NOW. Once we got all that […]

Katipunan recap

September 14, 2010

Several of us from the Equilibrado Orihinal eskrima group here in MN went to the Katipunan event in Chicago this past weekend, and it was a blast. Regardless of the rain, about thirty (or so) FMA practitioners and instructors showed up at the LaBaugh Woods park to huddle under a pavilion and share knowledge.  There’s […]