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Two sticks and one BIG stick

September 5, 2012

Last night was a great class, as usual.  Nick and Maxwell are becoming really fantastic teachers.  We also had a student from a while ago show up, having just signed up for the Cove again – Rio.  I’m hoping we see more of him. As usual, we split the class into two disciplines – siniwallis […]

Sunday practice, all to myself!

January 17, 2010

As much use as I get out of the practice sessions we have on Sunday, I get the most out of the weeks where I’m basically alone with a more senior student.  It’s basically a “work on what Aimee needs work on” day, and it rocks. I got together with Sargeant and pounded on some […]

New Year, New Focus

January 7, 2010

So. With the coming of the new year, I’ve decided to drop some bad habits by the roadside, and pick up a few good ones. The one most pertinent to this post is, of course, this blog.